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When I think about ASJA and 2020, the phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” comes to mind. Freelance writers in general—and ASJA members in particular—are way tough. And in 2020 we certainly got going.

Successful freelance writers are by nature resourceful, used to working from home and juggling personal and professional projects. We’re good at pivoting and responding to external factors. While we can’t make money grow on trees or make work appear out of thin air, we sometimes work minor miracles for our clients, our stories, and our colleagues.

Those skills were just what 2020 called for.


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In the late 1940s, after service in the Navy during World War II, my father signed on as a mail carrier at the local post office. He never left that job, working his way up from walking a route to postmaster. Bored after retirement, he worked part-time as a greeter at the local funeral home. It was perfect for him. He got to dress up and meet his friends, and on good days he got to drive the hearse. It never occurred to my father to change jobs while he was at the post office. People who did that sort of thing, drifting from job to job, were viewed at the time with some suspicion, as layabouts. More »

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