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Kim Eierman

My new book was published by Quarry Books on 1/7/20, "The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening" Associated website

Jen Reeder

On February 9, 2020, Jen Reeder won two awards from the Dog Writers Association of America, including The Pet Candy Award, which honors “the most inspiring story about a pet lover” and comes with a $300 prize. Reeder’s winning entry, “Service dog helps 7-year-old boy prepare for his 10th surgery,” appeared on the TODAY show’s website. Associated website

Judi Ketteler

Judi Ketteler's book, Would I Lie to You? The Amazing Power of Being Honest in a World That Lies, was published in January 2020 by Citadel Press. The book explores what it means to live a more honest life in today's world of lies, and is partly based on a New York Times essay she wrote about keeping an honesty journal. The Library Journal review called the chapter on self-honesty "particularly stimulating," and said the book overall was “Great for generating discussion on the subject of authenticity and thinking through tough questions.” Would I Lie to You? has received coverage in, The New York Times, Business Insider, Fast Company, and other outlets. Associated website

Kimberly Potts

New York-based TV historian and entertainment journalist Kimberly Potts’s book The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch was released in December 2019 by Grand Central Publishing. In the book, Potts takes readers behind the scenes and into the history of the series to document how, despite middling ratings and negative reviews, Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy, and Alice emerged as America’s favorite TV family and enduring pop culture icons. Associated website

Merlisa Lawrence Corbett

Sports journalist and author, Merlisa Lawrence Corbett is excited about the release of her new book "Serena Williams: Tennis Champion, Sports Legend, and Cultural Heroine, " published by Rowman & Littlefield. More than a biography, Serena Williams: Tennis Champion, Sports Legend, and Cultural Heroine not only tells the story of her upbringing and remarkable career but also looks at Williams as a sports pioneer. Lawrence Corbett explores Williams’ influence on cultural and political issues such as body shaming, gender equality, and racism in sports and society. Corbett also analyzes Williams’ impact on discussions of feminism, the sports celebrity, and the marketing of female athletes. Associated website

Kim Eierman

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, "The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening." Associated website

Candy Harrington

Candy B. Harrington recently released her latest national park access guide, Barrier-Free Travel; National Park Lodges for Wheelers and Slow Walkers. The guidebook includes detailed information for wheelchair-users and slow walkers on 52 national park lodges throughout the mainland US. Associated website

Laura Town

Omega Press just released How to Save Money on Healthcare by Laura Town and Karen Hoffman, a book that guides consumers through the confusing process of healthcare benefits and government programs as well as options for medical tourism. Associated website

Susan Johnston Taylor

ASJA professional member Susan Johnston Taylor has launched Grammar Geek Greetings, a line of humorous, grammar-themed greeting cards available on Etsy for writers, editors, teachers, or grammar geeks. Free shipping on all US orders. Associated website

Sandra Beckwith

Sandra Beckwith's Build Book Buzz book marketing site was named one of the top 38 book marketing blogs worldwide by Expertido at the end of 2019 and one of The Write Life's "100 Best Websites for Writers in 2020." Learn why by visiting Associated website

Laura Town

Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease Stages, Treatments, and Other Medical Considerations by Laura Town has been named by Book Authority as one of the best books on dementia of all time. As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc—BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment. Associated website

Alma H Bond Alma H Bond

Psychoanalyst Dr. Alma Bond's fifth book in her On the Couch series, Meryl Streep: On the Couch, was published on December 12 by Bancroft Press to glowing reviews. The book contains the fictionalized psychoanalysis of Ms. Streep, and gives an intimate portrait of her character found nowhere else in literature. It can be purchased at,, and Bancroft Don't miss the only chance to look into the depths of Meryl's character, personality, and genius. Associated website

Alma H Bond Alma H Bond

My new book, Meryl Streep: On the Couch has just been published by Bancroft Press. Reviews are magnificent! Associated website

W. Terry Whalin

10 Publishing Myths (Released December 17, 2019, Morgan James Publishing) offers authors the chance to succeed in the publishing world by giving them practical tools they can use to succeed and dodge the myths of the industry. The publishing world is filled with misconceptions and myths. Therefore, it is terrific for authors to have big ambitions as their book is being published, but, it is also important to be realistic and understand the world of publishing. W. Terry Whalin has worked with hundreds of authors and published a number of bestsellers, and he knows that it is important to focus on creating a good book and not realistic about the business aspects. Within 10 Publishing Myths, Terry focuses on giving authors a realistic picture of the book world then detailing practical steps they can take to succeed. Inside 10 Publishing Myths, authors learn the actions they can take to succeed, they get a step-by-step guide for practical results, and so much more! Associated website

Arthur Sharp

Arthur Sharp's latest book, Pluviculture and Meteorological Mumpsimuses: How to Avert an $11 Million Climate Change Investment, was released in November 2019. It traces media coverage of climate change back hundreds of years through actual newspaper articles and proves that what we are reading today about climate change hasn't changed for centuries. As history proves, contemporary climate changers are using the same scare tactics their.predecessors did centuries ago. The climate may change imperceptibly, but their arguments portending the imminent disappearance of Earth have not. Why start listening to them now?

Gigi Berardi

ALERT, eds: This seems embarrassingly long. Edit as you think best. Maybe it's longer than a "Blurb." Since I'm averaging a book every 15 years, maybe it makes up for lost time? gb Gigi Berardi’s FoodWISE: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices will be released January 14, 2020. Gigi signed with North Atlantic Book, but Penguin Random House (PRH) is distributing it. It’s described in the national press as, one of “19 reads that inspire us and challenge us to be better activists, environmentalists, cooks, policymakers, protectors of the planet, farmers, supporters of pollinators and advocates for a better food system.” ( The book addresses the sheer volume of diet and detox options that can feel defeating and largely unhelpful. With a seemingly infinite number of weight-loss programs comprising a $60-billion diet industry, many remain at a loss, searching for real ways to eat well, feel good and reconnect with cooking and eating practices that nourish body and spirit. The “WISE” in the book’s title stands for: whole, informed, sustainable and experienced-based thinking. Berardi avoids prescribing what we should and should not eat and the book does not home in on "beneficial" foods or nutrients. Instead, she invites readers to think holistically about how we can procure and produce incredible meals, and draw deep nourishment from the foods we prepare and consume. Thanks to PRH promotion and distribution (and its endorsement by over 30 major food-thought leaders), the book was already in presales on 40+ websites worldwide four months before its release date. See:Whatcom Talks and Foreword Reviews blog “The definitive guide to shopping, cooking and eating as an informed consumer. If you can’t figure out what to eat after reading FoodWISE, you might as well just stop eating.”—Steve Ettlinger, author of Twinkie, Deconstructed “If you ever find yourself in solitary confinement or the equivalent with one book to read, make sure it’s FoodWISE. Rarely is so much wisdom, common sense and original thinking elegantly pressed between two covers in a world hungry for food and even hungrier for the full story about the staples of life.”—Charles Geisler, Cornell University “.…restorative as it is informative, and I love Gigi Berardi's mantra: stop, think, then act.”—Michael Moss, investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize recipient, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat Associated website

Jyrki Penttinen

I am pleased to inform that I just published my third book this year, 5G simplificado, on Amazon. It is a Spanish edition of the 5G Simplified book. Following the same idea, this latest book describes the new generation of the mobile communications networks in a common-sense way. The topics are presented in alphabetical order to ease the navigation. The book helps in the initial studies and works as a longer-term guide and reference. The book contains a variety of themes including the new service-based architecture, virtual network functions, security aspects, radio and core network planning principles, cloud and edge computing, and SIM card. Among the other up-to-date topics, it also summarizes the current understanding about health considerations related to radio frequencies, and clarifies the most important 5G terminology in Spanish and English. Associated website

James McCommons

James McCommons’ latest book, Camera Hunter: George Shiras III and the Birth of Wildlife Photography was published by the University of New Mexico Press in October 2019. The biography chronicles the life and work of the first wildlife photographer and the inventor of the trail camera. George Shiras, also a lawyer and congressman, wrote the legal foundations of the Migratory Bird Act. Foreword Reviews calls the book a “thorough biography, an entertaining travel guide, and a rich and detailed history of the early conservation movement.” Associated website

Melanie Radzicki McManus

The seven-part series "Feeling Superior," a collaboration by Melanie Radzicki McManus and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, won a 2019 silver Lowell Thomas award in the Special Packages/Projects category. McManus wrote the articles and created daily vlogs during her three-week adventure. The Lowell Thomas Awards are considered the Pulitzer's of travel writing. Associated website

  • A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God.
    – Sidney Sheldon
  • A critic is a man who knows the way but can't drive the car.
    – Kenneth Tynan
  • A good many young writers make the mistake of enclosing a stamped, self–addressed envelope, big enough for the manuscript to come back in. This is too much of a temptation to the editor.
    – Ring Lardner
  • A young musician plays scales in his room and only bores his family. A beginning writer, on the other hand, sometimes has the misfortune of getting into print.
    – Marguerite Yourcenar
  • All the words I use in my stories can be found in the dictionary – it's just a matter of arranging them into the right sentences.
    – Somerset Maugham
  • Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs.
    – Christopher Hampton
  • Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.
    – Lawrence Kasdan
  • Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research.
    –Wilson Mizner
  • Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them.
    – Flannery O'Connor
  • I just wrote a book, but don't go out and buy it yet, because I don't think it's finished yet.
    – Lawrence Welk
  • I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
    – Douglas Adams
  • I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done.
    – Stephen Wright
  • It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous.
    – Robert Benchley
  • It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.
    – Andrew Jackson
  • Most writers can write books faster than publishers can write checks.
    – Richard Curtis
  • No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly; and this self–deceit is yet stronger with respect to the offspring of the mind.
    – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  • There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
    –Somerset Maugham
  • Writing a novel is like paddling from Boston to London in a bathtub. Sometimes the damn tub sinks. It's a wonder that most of them don't.
    – Stephen King
  • Writing a novel is like spelunking. You kind of create the right path for yourself. But, boy, are there so many points at which you think, absolutely, I'm going down the wrong hole here.
    – Chang–rae Lee
  • Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good.
    –Samuel Johnson
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