Whether it’s scope creep, full-time vs. part-time vs. freelancing or clients who like to sneak additional work in under the door without the attendant compensation, at some point, freelancers might find themselves juggling one if not all of these issues. Especially with steady clients, the work level may increase and/or change while the pay does not. When confronted with this situation, member Christine McLaughlin posed her particular dilemma on the forum. As a salaried part-timer, she had the security of a steady paycheck although her duties were becoming design-focused, requiring a time-consuming learning curve, including becoming familiar with a new design program. “However, there's been no mention of additional pay for additional work,” she pointed out. More»

By: Sandra Gurvis

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Headshot: Susan ShaferSherry Paprocki

There’s a phrase that pops out from many of the help wanted ads I see for writers. “Original reporting required,” they say. Sometimes, there’s a comment from someone who responds: “What is original reporting?” More »

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